General Health & Wellbeing, a Major Concern for Higher Education Students

General Health & Wellbeing, a Major Concern for Higher Education Students

It is quite evident that luck are those who get the opportunity to pursue their dreams of accomplishing higher qualification from a well-known and renowned institute. It is a privilege that many of us never will have and should be catered as such. However during the midst of all the commotion, there is one factor which has consistently been the cause of much unrest and dispute which is none other than the overall hearth and general well-being of students. Today in this post we would like to bring your attention to some of these concerns and why they prove to be detrimental for students, their performances, and the final outcomes of their invested time and effort over the course of their professional education years. So bear with us as we shine some light on these serious apprehensions that can hamper a student’s progress and damage them severely, if proper advice and precaution is not taken.

Substance Abuse

Whether it is drugs, alcohol consumption, or some other medications and smoking related habit, substance abuse is a destroyer of lives and can lead to long-term ailments and diseases if a student’s behavior is not monitored. This is when recreational drugs are used in an inappropriate manner and this results in a multitude of negative effects on their health including psychological ailments. It doesn’t matter whether the drug that is in question either legal or illegal, both are bad for students. Not only does it affect their health in general, it also causes them to lose their edge and hence their performance falls. Higher education is already a very tough and competitive environment to be in. With the pressures of studies and multiple courses in a semester, even the brightest of all learners have a difficult time coping up with their written work, assignments, group tasks, and projects. Though there reliable services like British assignment help available to sort out your problems, however substance abuse is a killer and it should be avoided at all cost. It has been proven by research that those students who are pursuing their professional studies as a full-time pupil are more likely to develop a drug addiction problem. Tis is due to the fact that they become isolated from the society as a whole and during this period the fall victim to peer pressures and other vices which leads them towards the path of destruction. Some commonly known drugs taken by college students include marijuana (pot), ecstasy, and Adderall which some students consider as stimulant for long hours of studying. None of these are good for you and authorities should take a strict action against their introduction in learning environments.

Unhealthy Diet

A lot of student nowadays are seen becoming overly lethargic and losing out on their energies during the early part of their days. This is due to the fact that many of them lose track of their diet and start consuming unhealthy items like junk, fast food, and other sugary intakes. This inadequate nutrition definitely affect student’s health and lowers their chances for accomplishing academic success. Since their transition to higher education platforms offers them the freedom to choose whichever type of food they want to consume, due to lack of time, planning, and thinking, many students end up making the wrong choices just so that they can cope up with their studies, be on schedule, and thus look for easier to eat and buy options. Often it has been observed that student with bad eating habits tend to have unsatisfactory grades and results. On the other hand if you are a student who wants to overcome this situation as soon as possible than you need to give in some effort and time to your diet. It is fundamental to your well-being and the effects are evident. Try eating more organic food items then those made available in general stores. Choose a diet that is rich in Vitamin B and Iron, this will help you keep energetic throughout the day. Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day is also important. So drink plenty of water and you will see the change happening inside you as move towards betterment.

Lack of Physical Exercise

Another aspect of health related concern is that many students often bind themselves in such a tight spot, which lasts for several years. This results in a complete loss for them as their physical excursions and exercise becomes nonexistent. Without any physical exercise or any involvement or active participation in a sport, makes their body suffers and this also makes them less sharp than their colleagues. There is a growing body of evidence which supports the ideology that physical exercise also makes students brighter and smarter. Some of the benefits include:

  • Development of cognitive skills that allows them to become more attentive, increase their level of concentration, and help them overcome constraints related to memory retention and verbal communication.
  • It also help them to stay fit, thus there is drastic decrease in absenteeism and many students who would have complained before are found to submit their task on time and complete their homework in the given timeslots.
  • All of this translates to enhanced results and better grades in whatever they perform or partake in.
  • Motor skills and aerobic help boost the production of white matter in the brain which supports connectivity within our minds, thus allowing us to solve challenging statements fairly quickly and with less effort.
  • Physically fit students are also often seen to be more active which enables them to undertake problematic tasks with ease and deliver them to the best of their abilities and aptitude.

Mental Health

One of the biggest trouble for many establishments in the education industry today is the deteriorating mental health of students across the globe. Many private owned organizations as well as government owned subsidiaries are working together a reasonable support system for student with mental health issues to receive proper care and treatment. The NHS (National Health & Safety) along with other settlements such as University of Mental Health Advisers Network (UMHAN) are collaborating on this forefront to deal with this delicate situation. Students can ask their supervisors and authorities about their current problems so that they can be dealt with exactly as per the command and wishers of a certified professional that is able to deal with specialized cases. Furthermore all universities in the UK offer the DSA (disabled student’s allowance) which can be granted to those who have been confirmed to have a serious mental health problem. At times instead of medications, even student guidance and counseling has proven to be quite effective in making them more acceptable towards their mental conditions. This allows them to evolve and change their behavior for the better. Hence I your body is telling you to stop, then listen to your body and go seek immediate help from your teacher or professor. This will give them the confidence to share their truly feelings and much more appealing method will be used in getting their feedback for improvements.

Harmful Lifestyles

We understand that for a foreign student thing tend to be a bit more difficult than for the rest, however no matter where you are from or even if you are a local resident of the area, an unhealthy lifestyle could easily corrupt your mind and at that time no one can help you. Playing videogames for hours, living your life in an unorganized room, leaving things dirty when they could really be wonderful if you can only live in a more organized manner. The youth is our prime time, there is boundless energy within us that we need to exploit, not some unwanted activities that can only bring more harm to you then good, both in the short-run and the long-run. In order to counteract this situation you need to change yourself completely in order to make sure that past mistakes are not repeated. Not only will this help you to have a brighter prospect for yourself in the future but also push you towards achieving better grades and results. You need to plan your days, weeks, and months in order to ensure that a steady progress is made to reclaim your health. It is a paradigm shift which every student needs to have these days. The future of our world belongs to them.

We hope that this post was able to provide you with a better understanding as to how you should react towards the general lack of hygiene and health concerns found amongst students in the UK. Health is a major factor which should be given its due priority. Otherwise deploring health could only result in failure of the student and the worst case scenario will mean dropping out of the college or university directly. If you have any opinions regarding some of those which we really couldn’t include within our post, then please share with us your feedback regarding the topic in the comment section below.

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