How To Present Your Arguments in Your Written Work?

How To Present Your Arguments in Your Written Work?

Academic written work is assigned to students by their teachers and professors so that they can be examined according to their interpretation regarding the knowledge which they have acquired during classroom sessions and how they can use it to resolve the given problem or challenging scenario. However, higher education is tough and the margin for error is nonexistent. The scrutiny of your written work is unimaginably high and this could make academic writing tasks even more troublesome to manage as the anticipations and expectancies of your course evaluators, instructors, and mentors are extremely difficult to meet. Nevertheless, as a student, you are obligated to perform well in your assigned task, which leads to creating a flawless paper that is perfect for submission at the academia. Nonetheless, every written work that you perform for the institution will have you pitted against some sort of tricky situations where you will need to present your arguments and claims within the paper, and they need to be delivered in such a way that you are able to compel your audience and make them agree with you. In this post, we would like to share with you some important aspects of presenting your arguments in a written format which could lead you towards accomplishing your academic goals and objects. So without any further a due let’s get right into them, shall we?

Create a Build Up

You cannot simply fire away at your readers without any introduction or the overview of the argument which you need to make. You first have to familiarize them with your statement and the scope of its nature. First and foremost you need to do a little bit of background research and present your audience with the history and relevance of your conflict. Hence it is best that present your argument only after you have created a build up before mentioning it in your paper. Here is what you need to do:

  • Facilitate the shift in tone of your voice by using helping words and sentence structure to swing their attention towards your main idea which you need to mention.
  • Make your work relevant by consistently using orientations that assist you in joining the dots between the main topic of your work and the idea which you are going to write about.
  • Ensure that your readers are on the same page by reviewing your work so that it has a natural flow and everything you have written seems to connect with each other in a frictionless manner.
  • Now that you laid down the foundations properly and adequately, you should choose to mention your argument in the light of the subject and topic of your paper.

Provide Value

Any argument that is not valuable for your readers and audiences in general, is a lost cause. You need to find the impact and scope of the argument before including it in your written material. It should be a pivotal point and the focus of your entire document. Hence you cannot miss out on its significance and how it deeply influences your paper. It should be a cause worthy of pursuit.

Mention Counter-Arguments

There cannot be a debate on a topic unless there are conflicts. Hence when you mention your argument you should be quick to deliver the counter-arguments as well. This will enlighten your audience towards the cause and purpose of your writing while bringing them closer to the actual evaluation of the given scenario which should play well with logical and rational interpretations. As a student, you are expected to deliver your written work with complete honesty and remain trustworthy throughout. You cannot be biased or one-sided until the conclusion of your work where you are encouraged to reveal your own opinions and justifications regarding your rulings for the matter. Before that, however, you should follow a neutral approach that is absolutely free from all prejudice and discriminations at all cost.

Justify Your Claims

Since the counter arguments and contradictions have been presented by you, it is now time for you to defend your claims and present your audiences with solid justifications that support your statements. You should use a lot of citations and references from authentic sources that are considered credible by the intellectual community and offer a lot of integrity into their work. Scientific evidence and factual information can also be used in order to assist you to make your readers compel towards your judgment. However, you need to make sure that your research work is spot on and that every reference you use is cross-checked for its authenticity and accuracy. Unless you deliver your writing in a foolproof manner, all of your efforts, invested time and hard work will be lost and be in vain. Your citations and references should be spot on and be directly relatable so that there are no double meanings.

General Guidelines

Having said that, here are some general guidelines that can help you make your work look even more impeccable and immaculate:

  • Before writing your arguments, create a mental roadmap regarding how your work should be presented so that ambiguity and confusion can be avoided in the final draft.
  • Always try your level best to grab the attention of your readers with an interesting sentence that can instantly get them hooked on to what you are about to write.
  • Including background information offers them a solid understanding of how you have come up with the conclusions for them.
  • You should always position your work accordingly. There is a time and place for everything. Hence you should never write in a disorderly manner.
  • You should be expressive and provide readers with attention to detail so that they are able to grasp the concept with clarity and remove all vagueness in your paper.

We hope that this post was able to offer you some great understanding regarding how you should go about writing arguments for your academic written work. However, if you find it too troublesome to be accomplished on your own then perhaps you should seek out experienced and qualified writers to help you complete the task in an effortless yet effective and efficient manner. Simply ask them to do my assignment for me UK and you will be able to receive professional and specialized assistance for your subjects and topics without any compromise or shortcomings.

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