The Challenges Students Face During Their Higher Educational Years

The Challenges Students Face During Their Higher Educational Years

Whoever thinks that completing their higher education programs and accomplishing their qualifications from a reputable varsity is easy, are probably not aware of the various troubles students have to face during their learning years. While education today is still considered a privilege and one should feel lucky about themselves to be able to avail such opportunities, nevertheless the road to success is paved with lots of hardships here and there. In this post, we would like to share with you some of the most common challenges that students have an encounter with, so let’s get started with them:

Moving To a New Place

Many foreign students who have their eyes set on having a professional degree under their belt often have to locate to other countries where the standards and quality of education offered is magnanimously more prudent than their own. This means that they have to leave all of their friends and family members behind. They have to cope up with their new place, encounter a different culture and then try their level best to conform to a new set of ethos which they were practically unaware of throughout the previous years in their life so far. One can consider this as vaguely challenging but it is not, as students are asked to leave their comfort zone and then travel many miles to a different country and then start anew there. It is a big change and students are expected to adapt quickly to their surroundings which is not easy for everyone out there.

Financial Constraints

There is a strong body of evidence which states that the majority of the students are often observed suffering from financial constraints due to limited and stringent budgets. On the other hand higher education is naturally expensive and most of their savings goes into paying their tuition fees at the academia. Next comes their living expenses, which includes rent, traveling cost, food supplies, tools and utensils required to help them study, and various other utilities like electricity, gas, and water. When you add all of this up, it comes to a significant figure which many students cannot afford, which then later pushes them to work part-time jobs and shifts. This allows them to earn a respectable amount so that they can get through the month without much support, however by the end of each day, it leaves them fatigued and exhausted. Considering they have to put in all of their efforts dedicatedly towards their studies, working and learning at the same time is thus unimaginably strenuous and in some cases too much overbearing at times.

Language Barriers

There are times when students locate to another country which doesn’t share the same language as their mother tongue. Hence they have to overcome language barriers that are quite troublesome on their own. Take into account the UK where many students from foreign lands travel to in order to accomplish high education qualifications so that they can build bright careers for themselves in the future. However, most of the student who journey through a lot of distance, and eventually reach their destination have English as a second language which poses considerable troubles for them on a daily basis. Not only do they need assistance to understand what their course instructor and mentors say during classroom sessions but also require some sort of assistance when they are requested to deliver an affluent and lengthy academic writing task for the academia.

Mental Health Issues

In recent times a lot of professional educational organizations have pointed out the significance for the need to lessen the impact of mental health concerns and issues related to students enrolled in higher education programs. This movement was well received with a positive response and a lot of establishments are now indulged and actively participating in practices to lower the risk of development of mental health problems in the student body. Many types of research link these to substance abuse and other behaviors observed amongst many students who have been found to be intoxicated or under the influence during their tenure at the university. Researchers have found that both of them share a strong link and interdependence on each other. Hence they both are fuel for each other. Educationists across the nation are aware of this persistent problem and doing their best to save young minds and learners from going astray. This is a good sign however the truth is much darker and further studies have to be made to lower the rates of suicides that have risen lately within the student population in recent years.

Abuse & Bullying

While a global change has been seen regarding physical abuse and bullying across schools, offices, and other establishments, there are still present within our society. The repercussions of actions for a victim are quite detrimental and it leads them to shut off the world around them, become isolated and indifferent to others, and lower their self-esteem to a point where they become disinterested with life overall and what it has to offer them. Social media has been recently been observed to take this budding concern and label criminals who bully others as totally unacceptable. However, there is still a strong need for more adept interventions and mechanisms that can put a halt to this kind of behavior altogether. When you are young, your mind is ready to be molded in whatever direction it is given, where physical abuse and bullying destroys their ability to reach their full potential. We wish that our world was a much better place than it is right now then it was before.

We hope that this post was able to provide you with a deeper understanding regarding the troubles and problems students face during their higher education years. However, if you are a student who is unable to do anything about their impending academic writing task, then perhaps it would be best for you to consider taking help from a dependable and reliable assignment writing service. Qualified and experienced writers will provide you with professional and specialized assistance for your subjects and topics. Their result-oriented approach is guaranteed to offer you the support you need to accomplish your academic goals and objectives.

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